Ethical Leadership & Fiscal Responsibility

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Cost of Living

Today’s high cost of living is crushing working families. Instead of adding to the problem, state government should focus on eliminating wasteful spending, which would require less tax revenue. The middle class has had enough of the billions in tax and fee increases coming out of Springfield in recent years. As your state representative, Jay Keeven will be on the lookout for taxpayers wallets.

Ethical Government

The ongoing indictments of elected state officials is an embarrassment and it only stops when corruption at all levels is rooted out and exposed.  Jay believes the issue of ethics is all about keeping one’s priorities straight.  Elected officials should always remember that they exist to serve the public, not the other way around. As your state representative, Jay will use his experience as a highly-regarded ethical leader to fight for tough ethics reforms at the capitol. 


Public Safety

Everyone wants to and deserves to live in a safe community. As a longtime law enforcement officer and administrator, supporting our police and getting tough on crime will be a top priority for Jay. Many of our elected officials wanted to ride the wave of the “defund the police” movement when it was seemingly popular, but now pay hollow tribute to how important our first responders are to the community. As your state representative, Jay will stand shoulder to shoulder with his former colleagues in law enforcement and fight to repeal the disastrous and pro-criminal SAFE-T Act. 

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